Comprehensive point of sale scenarios


  • CS10 - All in One Smart Payment POS

  • CS20 - Android 10 Mobile Smart POS

  • CS30 PRO - Android 10 Powerful Handheld POS

  • CH80 - Rugged Handheld Data Terminal


Ciontek Technology Corp.

Ciontek is an ODM manufacturer specialized in Android Point-Of-Service hardware solutions.
Since its foundation in 2009, Ciontek has been developing and manufacturing the best hardware and firmware technology, from handheld barcode scanner to industrial tablet, and ultimately focusing on point of service systems such as Smart POS and Comprehensive Payment system.



Hot news about cashless payment

  • 01 What is a POS system ?

    A point of sale (POS) is a combination of software and hardware that a business owner needs to run transactions. The software typically encompasses comprehensive functions, including payment processing and staff, customer, and inventory management. The POS hardware includes an internet-enabled device that can run the POS software, plus transaction tools like a receipt printer and a cash drawer.

  • 02 5G tech wows visitors at Beijing fair

    The 5G telecommunication exhibition area at the China International Fair for Trade in Services showcases a wide range of 5G applications and services, including 5G life, games, transportation, consumption, city construction and manufacturing.

  • 03 China’s e-wallet success is an example for Southeast Asia players

    In some ways, the success of e-wallets in China highlights aspects of the Chinese market that would be difficult to recreate elsewhere. But Southeast Asia can pick up some lessons if it hopes to push consumers towards a cash-free world.